Audio Life with LT Brown feat Groove Junkies - Spend the Night (WLG-001)


Artist: Audio Life with LT Brown feat Groove Junkies

Title: Spend the Night

Catalog #: WLG-001

Release Date: 20 Oct 2003

Label: White Label Group

Format: Vinyl

Status: Out of print


01 Groove Junkies S.E.X. mix

02 Groove Junkies S.E.X. percapella

‘Spend The Night', the first release to kick off a new venture between Sandy Rivera’s former Deep Vison/ Aurei camp and the Morehouse Records duo “Groove Junkies”.

A few  test copies have been floating around for a while on CDR picking up support from the likes of all the hitters including Frankie Knuckles, Tedd Patterson and Four Four’s own Paul Farris but  due to limited exposure, ‘Spend The Night’ has been a sleeping giant and has never gained a formal release. Thanks to California's “White Label Group” picking it up it’s now getting the ‘proper’ release it deserves. And it rocks.

This features the vocals of KOT’s/ Deep Vision’s soulful house veteran LT Brown (“Come Into My Room”) along with the slammin’ production of LA’s Groove Junkies. Brown’s raw and edgy delivery, coupled with Groove Junkies masterful understanding of what it takes to kick up the heat on the dancefloor, to make for a powerful “one, two, knockout punch”.

Early spins on radio shows as Aaron Ross’ BBC 1xtra, Bobby & Steve’s Garage City, and the Slammin’ Boys are indication that this one has “MASSIVE” written all over it.