Echo Park


Echo Park is the brain-child of Los Angeles born Brian Gibbs. Born in 1978 to a Motown addicted single mother, Gibbs was exposed to artists like Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles and Sam Cooke before he could even walk. Growing up in southern California led to a deep rooted love for italo disco, p funk and ultimately – hip hop, which for him, continues to be a great influence. Upon discovering bebop and later free-jazz, Brian sought to continue these improvisational techniques via “modern” technology. Early works included eerie sonic predictions of things to come in the now notorious “west coast beat” scene. The first release by Echo Park on infamous PCH label featured a 13 minute opus that took us from latin jazz, to afro cuban funk and banging downtempo rhythms. Later Gibbs would move to Tokyo and begin to release 12″ vinyls at a frenzied pace! Since 1999 his projects have been diverse and undefinable, yet remained consistent and unmistakeably original. Fast forward to 2011 and visionary label Disfigured Dubz have tapped Brian for a new Echo Park release showcasing bits from his ever evolving sound. Now based in Santiago, Chile, Brian himself describes the current Echo Park direction as freaky hip hop and soul music with a touch of nintendo noir.